About ACFS

The mission, vision and objectives of ACFS are as follows:


To engage industry, academia, regulators and government in knowledge creation, transfer and thought leadership related to the financial sector.


To be recognized internationally by industry, academia and government as the pre-eminent Australian centre facilitating knowledge creation, knowledge transfer and thought leadership in the financial sector.

Code of Research Conduct

ACFS conducts independent research and thought leadership into issues related to the financial sector.

Contracted research may be undertaken for industry research partners, or more commonly, for the purpose of generating public debate about issues of importance to the sector and the wider community.

The strength of ACFS research is that it is well informed by industry practice and input, and is undertaken with a high level of expertise, by ACFS research staff and by drawing on our wide network of academic and practitioner contributors.

We produce accessible and relevant research that is non-partisan, and non-sectoral in its perspective. While we welcome a diversity of views, the value of our work is underpinned by its independence.


ACFS is a non-for-profit consortium of Monash University, RMIT University and Finsia (Financial Services Institute of Australasia). It was established by the Victorian Government in 2005 under the name of the Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies (MCFS).

The University of Melbourne, Victoria University and Griffith University are associate members of the ACFS consortium.

ACFS is also supported by a range of corporate partners.

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For information about the Australia – New Zealand Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee follow the link below:

ANZSFRC Information

ACFS is well placed to make direct introductions for academics seeking industry partnerships such as for ARC grants. Introductions also occur informally via ACFS events and participation in ACFS-organised roundtables and Research Reference Groups (RRGs). ACFS involves expert academics at its member universities in commissioned research. Select a logo on the right to access more information about current active academic and industry research partnerships.

Interested in becoming an ACFS research partner? Contact Amy Auster on +61 3 9666 1018 or amy.auster@australiancentre.com.au.



In January 2016, the Australian Centre for Financial Studies affiliated with the Monash Business School resulting in changes to the governance structure where there is no longer a governing Board.